Report a cheater

Name: Evan7w7
hack type : somethin like autoaim
i have an evidence in a video

You can insert the video in your post.

someone told me that i cant put the video of evidence on a public post

uhhh well you can report on the hives discord.

im banned there

well do you have the replay id for the game? if not i thought you could put evidence but i don’t know much.

whats that?

if you do /recentreplays then it will show you an id of a few of your recent games that mods can look at and spectate the game but recentreplays may reset when you leave but i haven’t tested.

no i have Gefore experience

You should try and messaging a helper or moderator here on the forums. Make sure you show them the video as well.

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You can message a moderator here: Moderators - The Hive Forums

alr thank you

Hmm No……I was told by someone you Cannot do this, you can only send the evidence to a mod and they can handle it <3

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Oops Meri you beat me to it by 2h

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