Reply With How Many Wins You Have In SkyWars

I have 300 wins for SW and 863 TW wins

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234 wins skywars and 1189 kills

203 wins out of 798 games and on Nintendo switch small screen lol, I mainly do solos but when I started, I did like 200 games or so of the royal game mode and got like no wins cause I was bot back then.

Am lvl 59 around 1000 wins around 10000+ kills

Games Won: 6

Games Lost: 15
Games Won: 1,361

Games Lost: 4,807
Lol im so bad

SkyWars Monthly

Rank: 6,693

Games Played: 208

Games Won: 29

Games Lost: 179

Win Percentage: 13.94%

Kills: 188

… Me too