Rephrase a rule

Players frequently say “I’m going to report you for targeting”, when all I did was attack them first.

I think that the rule not to “Intentionally target specific players, over multiple games” (, should be rephrased for more clarity, i.e. “Don’t knowingly follow specific players across consecutive matches and maliciously attack them first, unless you’re friends and neither of you mind.”

I don’t think this is a good idea considering if you saw a level 75 on tws I would crossmap them and try to eliminate them


Sounds like they’re just salty


I don’t disagree with this, but salty players going to be salty. They know full well that you are playing by the rules, and can’t accept a loss


I get targeted sometimes but I don’t really mind. I’m like “finally! An opponent!” I also target people if they are like over level 50 l. I don’t do it over consecutive games though, mostly because if If I do target they rage quit. In my opinion targeting is part of the game.


I mean that would literally be targeting. Consider if you saw them in more than one game; You’d always go for them first thus be targeting them. :neutral_face:

Going back to the topic at hand, I feel the wording of the rule is already clear enough, and adding the ‘unless you’re friends’ part is just going to add more confusion. Furthermore, I would never recommend breaking a rule just because you’re friends with someone (excl. 8 player sumos) - If a member of staff happens to look in, we are not going to assume you’re friends, we’ll just see two people breaking the rules and you’ll end up getting yourself into trouble.

If we take that part of your rule suggestion away, you’ve said the same thing the rule already does but with different wording. :thinking: