Render dragon

Hi I’m installing the non render dragon version of Minecraft following a tutorial that says all my hive stats will save. If it doesn’t work would the hive staff give the levels back?

Please help I’m panicking


Changing your version wont effect your Hive stats.


Are you sure


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Your stats would still remain the same as it’s all in your Microsoft account! Nothing would change in it : D
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If it wouldn’t save would the hive staff give me back my levels that I had?

In that case, which is very likely not to happen, email [email protected] about this situation

Ok thanks😄

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I’m quite certain that your levels would stay, I believe that they store your stats, not you, because then you could compromise your stats (like giving yourself levels).

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Just to sorta re iterate what was said above, the only reason you would lose your stats is if you changed account, it doesent matter on the version.

Your server data is strorged on ur ms account as long as you long in to your acc that you use all you data (minus worlds) should be still there. If not contact ms

Question answered, thread closed at the request of OP