Rename Pass More Cheaper

Rename Pass More Cheaper

Rename Pass is basically $1 each, I understand if this suggestion gets rejected because I know hive needs someone to moderate the filter but I would make the rename pass like .50 cents or 80 minecoins so people can at least rename it more.

If people want to buy rename pass more than usual but if this rejected I understand

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I think the minimum they could keep is 160 minecoins cause it is the marketplace limit I think.


It did briefly cost 80 Minecoins the day it came out, until it was changed to 160 later in the day because they said it was priced incorrectly.

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I mean maybe 2 rename pass will be worth 160 minecoins atleast maybe

I think they should keep it at 1$ because you can’t even purchase minecoins for under a dollar.

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nah let the hive earn more profit to improve furthur

and this isn’t really needed, be careful with what you name your pets
question though, is there a free one? like how there’s a free booster

No $1 is nothing tbh

We already have significant moderation overhead at the current price so we will not be entertaining this idea at this time.