Remove Nemo Vertical Knockback

Before nemos had vertical knockback, it was hard to get someone off the map from the ground because it did less knockback to someone who wasn’t midair. This made crouching an easy counter to it. However, a player with any form of skill can easily hit the person once to get them into the air, then with the nemo. A very easy way to render the crouch counter useless. Now the you can knock someone into the void from the middle of an island, an edge is given to the noobs who flail around a rare item they got from mining emeralds. Would I be wrong to say that the intended use of nemos is to knock people off of bridges or very small islands such as the ones in Violet Keep? The old nemo was still good for that, and now the only counter for a nemo is an ender pearl or an insane combo.


THANK YOU!!! I was just about to make this suggestion. In any game that I had a nemo id get like 5 kills, because there is no way to prevent the nemo

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I think there should still be vertical kb but just less, I also think they should drop more with a nerf.


Yeah, the nemo is basically impossible to counter now (ig you could spam blocks to catch yourself but still)

I find the nemo extremely funny cause I can just launch people into the void from almost anywhere

I haven’t played enough SkyWars to get clapped with the nemo so I’m not really sure how ez it is to live a nemo hit, so I’m not gonna vote yet

I just actually love how I can just slap someone with a fish and they go flying


I feel conflicted about the new system of vertical knockback. It is without a doubt that the nemo is overpowered in many ways, but the rarity of the item makes it a rare appearance in games.
I know DrYellower used this as a reason to get rid of it, but I believe that the fact it gives a chance to new or slower players is a reason for keeping it.
I would also say that it is right to think that nemos are intended to be used to hit players off small islands and bridges, and this update made that possible. Unless you are midjump or 4 blocks away from an edge, you are most likely not going to be hit off with the nemo first try. Fighting near the middle makes nemos ineffective.
I am still completely up to change my mind for it is very easy to see the flaws, but for now, it has not completely changed the way skywars is played and has not made it any less fun.


there barely is any vertical knockback and it’s making the nemo broken because crouching doesn’t work anymore. The vertical knockback has to be removed entirely for it to be normal.

The nemo barely takes skill to operate now, you just need your enemy to be between you and the void. And with the increased horizontal knockback that is added with vertical knockback, it is very easy to get hit near the edge. No, worse players do not deserve to win by using a rare, overpowered item that takes little skill to operate.

Plus, the funnest battles are the ones with the void to consider. If you have more fun fighting in the places where there’s no chance of falling in the void, go play survival games.

I don’t have an opinion on this suggestion, but sg has a very different meta, and there’s no building in sg either.

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whats the point if i cant crank 90’s

shifting seems like a perfectly reasonable counter, and there is also a perfectly reasonable counter for that too. dont know why it was buffed in the first place


Yeah, nemo is op. There is about (from what ive tested) a 3% chance to get one so If you just mine about 30 emerald ores (which isnt hard to do) in maps like spellbrook you are almost guaranteed a win.

i am yet to find a consistent counter to the kb nemo it takes ZERO skill to operate


Imo, its fine because you can usually pearl, and a lot of players find a way to mess up using the nemo lol

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if a counter needs you to have another conditional situation occur is it really a counter? It’s like saying, yeah that guy almost yelled at me but if you had super speed it can be countered. I have not found a single player who cant use a nemo. It’s like using a sword, but the sword can break and combo and send you flying in the other direction.

lol I’ve seen people try to use it and either hit me in a way where there wasnt a chance of me going off of the map, or they just miss me or something.

Now that I think about it, Its definitely unbalanced if they know how to use it, but I don’t think this is the way to fix it. It just felt like it was glitched before they fixed the vertical KB, which it sounds like that is what you want it to be. Imo, less KB or making it rarer would be better.

Making it rarer won’t make it better because when someone gets one, it’s going to be just that much more overpowered. Like Tar1a said, imagine a sharpness 5 netherite sword has a 1/100,000 chance of dropping. Tell me if that’s balanced or not.

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If it was rarer, it wouldnt be as big of an issue because you don’t encounter it in most games. Imo, that balances it, but idk.

But the few times someone does get it, there is essentially zero chance of winning as there is essentially zero chance of you also having it, and considering how much it impacts gameplay, it simply isn’t fair.

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