Remove build trail in Just Build

I’ve just started playing Minecraft with my daughter. She enabled build trails on Just Build which I find really annoying, how do I deactivate them?


Sir/maam I think this needs to be at the #help-me

Idk the answer sorry

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personally, i find them annoying as well. depending on whether you want this to be removed or you want to know if its possible to remove them (i dont know personally sorry) change it to #suggestions or #help-me

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She’s lucky to have such a great father lol


I do not believe there is a way to deactivate it at the moment. If you’d like, you could make a suggestion or email the hive to see what they have to say. Also, this should be in the #help-me section:)

Welcome to the forums! Yeah - exactly what @nataliervv said :heart:

You can put this post into #suggestions:just-build so the hive can implement this and so people can vote for it to be added. If you do - you’ll have my vote for sure! They are extremely annoying and you should be able to remove them along with builder helmets as well, as a quality of life change. This would make the game easier to see as the particles/trails can tend to get quite annoying and obsructive. Thanks!


Should we close this already since he/she already posted another one at #help me


Woozie doesn’t have the perms to close threads


Who are the ones that have the permission?

Anyone who’s a Moderator, or Hive Team member :+1:
Helpers are here to answer questions, and help out players.

Oh ok thanks for that

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