Regular Costume Giveaway ♡

Your current trust level is basic, not member. Hope that clears things up, and have a nice day!

IGN- ItzSalimSda
Costume - Orbit Costume
Trust Level - Member
Fav game- Treasure Wars

Costume:captain bones
Fav game:treasure wars

IGN: FatalError65
Costume: Axolotl
Current Forum Trust level: Member
Favorite Hive Game: Hide and seek (pity me)

IGN:: Snapsorry1234
costume friendly dragon
rank: member
fav game: skywars

My IGN is JTmicrosoft
Trust level: Member
Favorite hive game: Skywars kits
Costume: Black Knight

Ing: CreeperWEEB
Costume: fire queen
Trust level: member
Favorite hive game: Sky wars

IGN IzzacPlayz
COSTUME Friender Dragon
FAVORITE GAME MODE Treasure Wars solos :slight_smile:

IGN: baddy153
Costume: Enderfox
Current Forum Trust level: Member
Favorite Hive Game: Deathrun

Most of the new people who are entering for giveaway, don’t know what trust levels are, most of them are just putting member Lmao

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IGN: FourCandy45504
Costume: Globey
Trust Level: Member (TL2)
Favourite Hive Game: Sky Kits Solos

Yeah and it’s infuriating

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Current Forums Trust Level: Member

Costume:Taco Time

Favorite: Skywars

Hello, I know it’s confusing, but your confidence level is not a member, but basic

Maybe it’s probably better to dm them
So we don’t flood this thread

what is the dif between member and basic and also I have a question if I have a 50% XP boost on the hive and I destroy a Treasure in tw (50xp) how much XP would that be. Only asking this bc I don’t feel like doing math

Hey there :wave:

You can find all information about Discourse trust levels HERE. Destroying a treasure in Treasure Wars gives you 75 experience (50 x 150% = 75).

Also let us stay on topic please. This thread has been created for a specific purpose so please stay within the boundaries of the subject matter. If you have any questions feel free to ask in #help-me or privately message me or any other Helper / Moderator. :blobheart:


IGN: DemuraTundra

Current Forums Trust Level: Basic

Costume: Nightcrow

Favorite: Skywars ofc everyone love that game (i am obssesed)

Your current trust Level is basic hope this helps

My ign is:Coconat1234

I want a costume name:clown

15/5 is mine brithday so i want a costume:D
Love game teesure wars
Hive rank: hive plus
no rank on here;(