(Re)ranking the Hive Minigames

I’m reranking the minigames on a new thread because why not

And I’m gonna go into detail about why this time


  1. Deathrun
    My favourite game, mainly because of how fast-paced and simplistic it is.

  2. Treasure Wars
    A very good game, but has some issues (aka hackers, gen hoggers and sometimes diamond armour).

  3. Survival Games
    SG for me is eh I suppose, it’s fairly nice but I don’t really like it.

  4. Hide And Seek
    I think that Hide And Seek is still kinda bad, but I sometimes play it from time to time, unlike not touching it at all before.

  5. Just Build
    It’s decent, but the unfair voters and people who build inappropriate things drag it down badly.

  6. Murder Mystery

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I’ll rank mine

  1. SG- probably one of, if not the most polished game on the server, I might be really bad at it but enjoy it greatly

  2. TW- don’t really play it alot anymore but it did get me into this amazing hive community, and its the only game except for deathrun I have over 1,000 wins in, also I made lb once

  3. DR - pretty good game also, one I initially wasn’t a big fan of but after a while really liked it as a chill mobile game, however playing death isn’t fun and it was so easy it kinda got boring tbh

  4. Murder Mystery- pretty nice game, but not exactly my style so I’ve barely ever played it willingly

  5. Just Build- I’ve tried to get into it, but honestly I don’t enjoy it a whole lot as the game speed is pretty slow and its stressful, haven’t had bad luck with inappropriate builds though, so thats good.

  6. Hide and Seek- several reasons for this, 1. The game speed is super slow, 2. Not crazy difficult unless you become seeker (don’t have enough hours (I have like 1) in it to memorize spots either. Also the game doesn’t seem to be updated a whole lot.

Overall they are all great games, but some of them don’t fit my playstyle, or I just don’t like them because I don’t like them, the Hive is a great server, and please keep up the good work!


Here’s mine

  1. Twars- I like how strategic it can be, it’s also versatile with how many modes it has
  2. DR- It’s a great game for when I need to chill out a bit, and it’s very stress relieving
  3. Murd- It’s a good game, but it can get annoying to always get inno
  4. HnS- I don’t really like it all that much, but I like the system mastery aspect of it
  5. SG- It’s all skill and luck, and I have neither. I like twars because of the strategy aspects, but there’s not much of it in sg
  6. Just build- Nothing against it, I just never play it because of a lack of ingame reporting for nsfw builds
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I don’t have reasons for my top 4, or even have a specific rank, but I do know 5 and 6
5. Just Build

  • It’s a cool game and all but some people build some bad things and I just am a terrible builder so I would never have a win
  1. Hide and Seek
  • This is just not my game, mainly because of my patience level. I don’t like sitting in one spot doing nothing for 5 minutes, so I almost always end up as a seeker because I want to be chased. If you become a seeker, your chances of winning are slim to none.

I’ll rank mine here:

  1. TW - Combines strategy with PVP. Great, polished game. Might have a decent amount of hackers and rule-breakers, but still a great game.
  2. Murder Mystery - Fun, more laid back style game. Also, I’m level 100 so this might be a bit biased…
  3. Just Build - A better version of Master Builders from Mineplex. Great game. (Mineplex is the worst…)
  4. DR - Fun game that none of the other featured servers offer.
  5. SG - Great game, but full of tryhards and “toxic” players.
  6. Hide and Seek - Boring, slow, and kind of annoying. Good game overall. Also, very easy.
  1. Deathrun - Fast paced, just challenging enough to be fun but mostly not annoying, and it’s structure allows you to catch up easily, which is always a plus

  2. Ghost Invasion - Weather you’re huddling up with others to camp out ghosts or going on a bloody murder spree as one, this is a great game that has it’s surprising moments as human and adrenaline rushes as ghosts.

  3. Just Build - I just like building, and I don’t mind the inappropriate builds, AFKers, or constant meh voters.

  4. Treasure wars - Not a huge fan of PvP, but the fallback of the treasure definitely makes this more enjoyable for me. Especially MEGA, which I find more fair than the other game modes (usually).

  5. Hide and Seek - I actually like this game, while it’s not something I would play very often, I still have fun trying to get 108 points every game, which gets suspenseful as you can’t wait to active a llama balloon, you have to do it immediately to do so.

  6. Murder Mystery - This game is still fun for me, I just think the other ones are better.

  7. Survival Games - Another game I can still have fun with, it’s just that as someone who prefers non - PvP games, this game doesn’t hook me.

  8. Snow Wars - Probably the game I have the least fun with. Maybe it’s that it burnt me out, but I somewhat prefer Mineplex’s Turf Wars over this, with more focus on careful aim, and more interesting map design.

I haven’t played too much yet, but I’m definitely going to start being active and play some Survival Games & Deathrun!

  1. TW fun fact i actually played this when i joined the hive for the first time now it’s the day where i am at full power but i don’t feel anything anymore, mostly a burnout for me
  2. HNS i actually love this game due to it being fun and competitive for me because i usually run almost the whole match
  3. MM technically my second but this game was fun as it’s launch but it’s usually you needing to figure out crap like who dun it
  4. DR is my 3 placer due it being a rush and actually fun to play and beat your friends but usually it’s not really common to see people play it, and literally the death is hard to be as it’s a pain but it’s fun to play
  5. Jblobby fun but overrated simple as that is, too many people play it which is fine but [darn]ing 21.6% of those people are scumbags who ruin the game and most can just unfairly vote and i wish the immature [darn]s would [darn]ing leave
    and last and cruel
  6. SG who even likes the fact that sg exists, ok seriously this game is fine but it’s a [darn]ing RNG game because you got to hope what you get is good and YEP IT’S [darn]ING TRASH, also this game is “oh hey let sweat on this nerd here” and i get tw is literally the game for that type of people but this is the game of luck, trying, and downloading a hack client to win and name yourself [darn]ing uwu on that process because you’re that guy who’s going to pretend as one. but all that aside it’s fun but hard. (yes i have got my salt already boiling in the oven.)