Re equalize the powerups in Block Party

I feel like the current 4 powerups are a little too unbalanced woth some being amazing and some Id just waste whilst im waiting for the next round:

Colour Teleporters: I feel like these are extremely OP and I usually stack them quite a lot in games to get flat out wins. I think they should:

  • Only be able to be used before the floor drops
    -Lower drop rate

Leap: I feel that leaps are pretty balanced and don’t need to be changed

Jump Potion: The jump potion is the worst item due to is use being limited. I do feel like it could only really be improved by:

  • Increased duration from 5 to 10ish secs

Speed Potion: The speed potion is a good item but it gives you too much time with speed. This is because the time I feel it should give just over the amount of time it takes to get to the opposite of the playing area.

  • Decreased duration from 5 to 3secs

I feel like these modifications are best but reply if you’ve got other ideas!