Rate these video games!

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Ok I’ll start

Pikmin 2


uhhh, 5/10, never played it
Legend of Zelda: breath of the wild

7/10 I had a hard time progressing through the game in the beginning, but overall pretty fun game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

10/10 duh, Steve’s in it

Minecraft Earth

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1/10 because it goes against Minecraft’s simplicy.

Halo: any edition

1/10 I never really liked halo.
Cod, any

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8/10, pretty fun game imo


7/10 it’s okay i guess


10/10, all the memories…

Piano Tiles 2

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3/10 because I dont like music that much.

Asphalt 8/ 9

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4/10 , I hated it

Battlefront II

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8/10, I played this game for 2 years

Star Wars: Squadrons?


7/10 pretty decent I’m not one who plays starwars games unless with friends of fam


2/10 Sorry, didn’t see nor heard about it
Mario Kart, any

10/10 very fun multiplayer game

Super Mario Maker 2

10/10 would play again


It sounds familiar but can’t remember…jk :)) 10/10
The Last of Us 2

I haven’t played it, but I don’t really like the style of the game and there are a lot of controversies surrounding it, so I’ll rate it 5/10 for Not great, not terrible

Fall guys

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6/10 never played it, was huge, died within a week

Geometry dash

6/10 I like music :slight_smile:

Just shapes and beats