Rate the Above Person's User Card Background and Profile Banner On A Scale of 1-10

I haven’t found any thread like this, so I’m so sorry if this is a duplicate.

We already have rate the above person’s bio and rate the above person’s pfp, so why not add one about user card backgrounds and profile banners?

Oakie, first person start by rating me :)


whats the difference between those 2 things?

If you click on a person’s name, you can see a part of their profile. The background of the is called the user card background. If you click on their name again, you can go to their profile page, where the banner on top of it is the profile banner. :)

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ohhhh, in that case 10/10 and 8/10

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9/10 & 10/10

7/10 and 10/10

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10/10 and 10/10

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10/10 and 10/10 lol

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10/10 and 5/10

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6/10 and 7/10
Nice pepe, it’s just cropped badly


Meh…6/10 and 8/10


I dont think i have one…

anyway doesn’t this just give you free views?

You don’t have them :c

Does it matter if one gets free views from this? No, it does not. c:

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2b2t? 9/10

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How…what…in the name of StarClan…? How did you know?


Oh my goodness the shaders
User card: 10/10
Profile banner: 7/10

10/10 and again 10/10

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Could be better like, Pink or Sand or even S’s

I am supportive to LGBTQ+, I am part of it after all! So most likely I wouldn’t change it

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10/10 user card
1/10 profile banner (why are they doing that :kappa:)