Rate Sword of Embers

What would u rate Sword of Embers from 1-10 to how strong or useful it can be?

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useful but not many use it
its a bit annoying


You can make this as a poll by going to the settings logo above your message, click make poll, and you can choose the details there. If you’re trying to gather information for that, post this in Put Your random POLLS here.

As for the fire sword, it can be very useful, but I find it annoying to play against due to the amount it covers up on my screen. I’m a console player, so I can’t just get ‘low fire.’ I also feel like the rng balances it a lot. I like using it when I have it though because it does get in the way of the screen.

Rating: 7/10


Oh thanks for telling me that! I’ll try to use that next time


What is low fire?


It’s when you apply a ‘low fire’ texture pack. It basically has the fire as low on your screen as possible to not get in the way


It’s really annoying having the fire pretty much blinding me when I don’t use a pvp pack with low fire but I think it’s decent besides that.

1/4 chance? Sure doesn’t seem like it. I have a video, but it’s too big to send. I basically did a challenge to only use the fire sword. I had 17 hearts, after mining red stone and gapping. I was full dia, and I came across a guy with a dia sword and enchanted iron armour. He also had mined red stone. I had gotten many hits and combos on him, but he never died. I hit him 5 times as much as he hit me, but he slowly started killing me overtime, even though I had better gear and gotten tons of hits. I had to use a life spell! Btw the fire only came up like every 13 hits (COME ON.) I was at like 1 heart and started to run away, and fired a bow shot on him. He was 6.5 HEARTS. He hadn’t even used any life spells or gapples. When I started to bow spam him, I killed him in four shots lol. Who knew the fire sword was that bad? Well, I think it’s not worth it. 0/10

Kind of ranting on, so idc about sentence structure.

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0/10 never use it because it barely lights people on fire and even when it does it won’t win you a fight just based on that ONE fire

9/10 but if used on me 1/10
but if u dk, if ur opponent have full dia armor when u use a gold sword it takes half a heart but also if u use the dia sword with sharpness 1 it also takes half a heart so gold sword have fire and takes half a heart so its stronger

6/10 - I use the Sword of embers when I am on trades with someone else. It can be useful at certain cases imo.

its honestly a low 6. useful for trading but not-so-useful for overall pvp

I’ll argue fire spell is more useful. Sword doesn’t do that much damage and the chances of it working on first hit is uncommon. While fire spell works everytime you activate it plus you can lit others with it which is great for 1v3ing sweats.

Fire sword: 4/10