Ranks In replay 📷

I checked and I don’t think this is a duplicate, but let me know if it is.

So say you are in a replay with your friends and you want to be able to do no-clip, you can’t, or if you want to go to a specific time in the replay, you can’t (unless you are the party owner).

So I say, we introduce ranks to replay :slight_smile: (not visible ranks like hive+ or HIVE rank)

Ranks(in replay):
Owner: can change everything, including ending the replay

Editor: can change almost everything from the time to reversing the replay
(not able to end the replay)

Viewer: can only change no-clip for themselves

(the party owner would be able to specify what rank you have)

So my suggestion is that people (that are not party owners) should have the ability to do things that like being able to use no-clip or change the time of the replay if the party owner wants them to.

If you have anything to add to this, feel free to reply with suggestions. Also, don’t forget to vote if you think this is a good idea :beedance:.

side note: if you’re wondering why I am talking about partys, its because you have to be in a party to view a replay with someone.

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Does anyone have anything to add to this?

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I dont understand the random bold words

It’s just something that happens when you make text like that, idk why…

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Ok fun

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For now on I suggest not replying to topics when tired because once again you don’t understand the topic At all
This is suggesting replay ranks like cs games have and not actual ranks

So you bumped a topic when you didn’t even understand it :laughing:
but I think it’s a good idea so thanks for bumping

Okay loll, I’ll delete the reply :yawning_face:

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