Rank MM Maps (By how they look!)

A lot of people talk about the MM Maps and what they think of each one, as it truly is a very map-centric game. But outside of gameplay, which one do you think looks the best?
Feel free to put insight in the comments below!
(Again, please don’t vote based on strategy or functionality - this should be based purely on how the maps look!)

  • ESO Hotel
  • Manor
  • Museum
  • Office
  • Spaceship
  • Toy House
  • Warehouse
  • Witch School

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Im a big fan of toy house and eso’s aesthetic, eso just looks nice and toy house ive played so many times (it also looks nice). I also love the look of village, when thats out

i would vote both if i could

Office is so modernized to the point where I want to actually work there.

Spaceship is by far the coolest looking map. I don’t care what anyone says.

office best change my mind

I just love the trees in Eso Hotel so much

I love the office and Eso hotels aesthetic but from a game play point of view I think those two are the worst

I love Museum and Eso Hotel so much! I don’t think Museum isn’t the best to play on but I love going through all the different sections (the jurassic section, the aquarium, the ancient Egypt section, and then the main room with all of the planets). Eso Hotel just looks so cool and the trees are beautiful.

Museum and Toy House ftw

Aaaand the results are in! Frankly, there are a few weird ones in here that I didn’t expect. Let’s debrief!

1st place - ESO Hotel. I totally understand this one, even if not everyone likes to play on it, there’s no denying it looks really pretty.
2nd place - Museum. I like how this one looks as well, and the 3d models really add to the general experience of the map!
3rd place - Toy House. This one was an interesting one to me, as I sort of expected it and Office to be switched. But it’s very pretty and the layout is nice too, with a cool middle area!
4th place - Office. This is my personal favorite, actually, but I know some people don’t love it - especially with how often it appears.
5th place - Manor. Honestly I love this one as well, the theming of it is incredible and really feels like you’re in this exquisite manor in the middle of the woods.
6th place - Spaceship. Not much to say about this one, but the place does seem right. The attention to detail is absolutely incredible, but its design doesn’t seem very ‘murder mystery’ I suppose.
7th place - Warehouse. I was surprised that this one didn’t come last, although I suppose it tied with Witch School. It’s fairly basic in design, but it’s executed well, and the models add to the atmosphere - similarly to Museum.
8th place - Witch School. I really like this map, honestly, so it was slightly disappointing to see it ranked so lowly. Most likely, people just don’t feel super strongly about this map but might still enjoy playing on it.
That’s the recap!