Random question of the week #1

Hey there Hive bees!

I thought I’d start something up like a question every week so we can learn about each other! I’m starting next week a few days early to make up for missing the start of the week.

Question 1

What is your favourite type of music?

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Mine is between house music and classic pop. Stuff like the 2010’s playlist on Spotify, or Tomorrowland’s official playlist!

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Jazz. It sounds great and it’s fun to play.


brockhampton and tyler the creator are love, they are life

dance/electronic, i really like ncs stuff

Pop and Dance. I like Avtoradio Bulgaria. :slight_smile:

Kind of varied for me. I like lofi jazz and some pop music, here’s a link to my Spotify account with some of my playlists that you can listen to https://open.spotify.com/user/1amgr5pmeeulpcdx8izzkyrep?si=hHRC5-XWTKiEMU5Ay9E4Bg

Mine is the golden age - the 80s.

The beats and melodies were GREAT back then. One of the bands I love is The Killers

I’d say game soundtrack.

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does piano music count"? :no_mouth: