Rainbow Spleef [Idea]

Rainbow Spleef Idea

This is a pretty weird suggestion but I just though of it. Rainbow Spleef is like spleef but with a twist.

So basically, you and other people spawn on a floor with a variety of colors. A bow will be used to dig the floor underneath players but you can’t shoot at all of the colors. At random, a color block will be given and that is the color you can shoot. The color blocks will be in small patches like around small squares like 2x2. There can also be power ups (and power downs) such as speed, slowness, more color slots and etc. The twist is, is that the blocks on the floor will also change color from time to time.

Seems cool, I would play it.

One like from me :+1:, seems fun

It does not seem like a bad idea BUT It probably will not be added for a long time and there was a lot of other game suggestions that will probably happen first

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This seems very fun to play! I would play this more than regular pvp aha.

True. This was just an idea I came up with. But it would be epic to see this as a minigame