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I clicked earn the QPs I did got them when I clicked the Questmaster again and it did not appear as the select quest screen it showed the earn QPs again?
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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. At this time, we were wondering if anyone else has experienced the same issue? Please let us know


Thank you for looking over it,

I have not seen anybody having that Glitch before (I didn’t got any extra questpoints with it)

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just go out and back in, there is also a thing where if its laggy you can get the same quest multiple times in a row without selecting but you can cancel immediatley

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Yeah, this has been happening a lot. Me and my friend @wolfpup48Yt both experienced this. Good job for making a bug report :clap:

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Has this been fixed/are there news to that
It never happend to me after that.
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We were unable to replicate this issue, if it happens again please create another report with the relevant information and videos if possible.