Questmaster Quest Timer Underflow Glitch

I went to the questmaster to check my quests. I had 4 minutes left, so I waited for them to run out. When it reached 0 minutes, I kept opening and closing the window, and then the timer until I could do quests again underflowed back to 24 hours. This happened on my Americas region Nintendo Switch.

Hey there :wave:

Can you let us know if this issue still occured after leaving and rejoining the server?

Has anyone else experienced this?

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i havent.

I havent but I get how it workd

Yes it has happened to me, but after a minute a message arrives saying that your quest limit has been reset and the new missions come out c:

It’s happened to me as well. It takes hours for the new quests to show up and in my experience it doesn’t resolve after leaving and rejoining. It happens on my hive+ account for reference.

It fixed itself after rejoining