Questionnaire for the Sonic games


Having a questionnaire for the Sonic games to potentially stay in as standalone games or be a part of the Mixed Arcade.

More information:

I don’t know how many people remember, but there was a questionnaire for Skywars on the new items and basically people gave their thoughts and feedback for them. Could we have one for the Sonic games? This would be great for the Hive to know what people think about the games. Maybe if a game is popular enough it could stay in forever? Like either as a standalone game or more likely, being a part of the Mixed Arcade.

About availability: The Skywars questionnaire was available to limited number of people to my understanding. I think this questionnaire shoulf bd available to everyone who has participated for a bit in the Sonic games. While a limited one could be better, it would be great for more people to voice their opinions but again it’s just an idea.

Finally, I just want to mention that I don’t know if this is something that is planned to come or anything but I thought I could suggest this so it could potentially be used.

Good day to everyone reading this!