Question about whether there are clans suitable for me to join

So I know clans are supposed to be competitive and have high requirements like the person must be at least decent at pvp, but then are there actually clans whereby even if the person is not good at pvp or at building, will there be clans have minimum requirements

Since I am neither good at pvp or at building, are there actually clans out there that will still accept me if I were to join one, as in the clan is more of a casual one, having no stressful requirements then can join

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As I looked through the clans, some of them require people to be good at pvp. But then what if lets say someone who is not good at pvp but wants to join a pvp clan so badly, is it allowed if the clan owner just close one eye and just allow the person to join a pvp clan, even if the person is not good at pvp

Is there anything you are good at?

Also based on your hive stats I’d guess that inactivity might be more of a problem then pvp skill, but that’s just my two cents

You should try joining Inertia discord, people from all over the different pvp communities come together and promote their clans, I don’t know if its still a discord server, but you might wanna try searching for it

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Tbh I am only good at hide and seek and deathrun, maybe a bit of murderer mystery

parkour :yum::drooling_face:

There probably aren’t a lot of Murder Mystery clans

probably, but I agree with you maybe it doesn’t matter if you’re not good at PvP. But maybe you will find one that you can enter without being. :blush:

I’ll start an MM clan or HnS if it looks like enough people would want to join one

I can train you to get better at pvp

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