Question about rank on Discord

I bought Hive+ rank few days ago. I checked my discord role just before and found that I’m still regular role.
How long does it take to reflect or do I have to ask someone to reflect the rank?

Maybe reload Discord?


change your status from whatever it was to something else (i.e if ur online change to invisible then go back. that should fix it.


Thank you for your comment. I turn off my computer every time before I go to bed so I think that there is no problem about it.

Thank you for your comment. I tried to change my stats such as idle, invisible but nothing happened.

Make sure you are connecting the correct discord account and Minecraft username. If it hasn’t showed up by now, try unlinking and relinking your accounts by texting to the Hive Bot “unlink.”


This sounds like it’s your best bet for getting the rank to show up! However, do note that doing so will unlink your Java account as well. You can re-link Java here (or by doing /login discord) and Bedrock by doing /discord on the server.


Thank you for your advice. I tried in private chat with Hive bot but it didn’t accept my request. It seems to accept only link code.

Thank you for your advice. I’ll be careful what you said.

Weird… The code it’s asking for is one that the bot should provide to you. Like this:

(Ignore the thing about the role not managed by the bot)

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Chances are your Discord account is linked to another Minecraft account, you’ll need to unlink these accounts and then link the Minecraft account that you purchaed Hive+ on.

Try sending just the word unlink to the bot, with no punctuation or capitalisation, be aware that this will unlink both your Java and your Bedrock accounts.

Once you’ve unlinked your accounts by doing this, you should be able to link your accounts again, by following the instructions here.


Thanks moderator. But bot replies only “Invalid code” when I enter “unlink”.