Quest Point Balancing

Qp should be more balanced. :cubee:

The whole qp idea is amazing and makes players play a variety of games however some challenges seem unfair compared to others.
For Example: Placing 100 blocks in build battle gets you 20 Qp, which is a good amount compared to winning any game 3 times, which isn’t difficult but for some harder than placing 100 blocks (you could just block spam) While for only 30 qp u need to reach 3 deathmatches. Which is time way more time consuming than placing 100 blocks. I feel some challenges are unbalanced.

Tbh they are not really balanced, but this doesn’t seem like something too broken
As for the ‘Place 100 Blocks’ quest, The Hive probably thought it would take a few minutes in a build while you wouldn’t focus on the ‘side’ quest.

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this is just for the 100 block quest
agreed they aren’t rlly balanced but if you do the math
1500qp=1 skin pack
so you would have to place 7500 blocks for a 2$ skin pack
which is 37.5 blocks per cent

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