Quest Overhaul + Weekend BM

Idea: The quest system should get an overhaul.

More information: To start with, I know there’ll be Quests v2 eventually so I hope I’m suggesting out of whatever else is planned outside of what is listed on the public roadmap. What I’m suggesting is overhauling the system itself, not adding better quests.

  1. Minigame Categories
    For example, instead of just the current quests, there’d be SG, Murder, TW, Hide, DR, Compound(v2), Hub(v2), and Event. You click on one of those and it takes you to the quests specific to that game. Now you might be wondering, “what is the point? That’d just add another needless button to press.” Well, that leads on into my next point…
  2. More Quest Opportunities
    My first thought is this: two 30qp, three 20qp, and six 10qp quests per gamemode. This way if you want to avoid a specific gamemode instead of having to play it since it’s one of of the 30 drops for the day you can. Now I know, that’s a huge leap in the amount of quests available. 16 to 55 and that’s without event, hub, and compound. Another option would be one 30qp, two 20qp, and three 10qp quests which brings it down to 30 quests available at one time but that defeats my point of being able to avoid a gamemode with my next point…
  3. Quest Limit Overhaul
    The current quest limit is a little… not good. It doesn’t matter the value of the quest, it just matters how many you complete in one day, which increases the problem when Hive Team does a quest reset every day. My suggestion is to have a value limit. Taking point 2. into consideration, the limit would be no more than two 30s, three 20s, and six 10s. That way if you solely want to play, for example, TW you can or you can complete a few quests spread out if you please.
  4. Black Market
    This one is inspired by the weekend vendors of a few games. Once a week on say Saturday, there should be an NPC that has only 2 trade options; a 100qp quest that takes you through every gamemode and one random costume/costume bundle for 1000qp. The latter can either be a lootbox that gives you a random costume from the store or it can be a specific costume that changes every week. I have also thought of two different scenarios of where the NPC could be; 1. Sitting in the bigger ship at the docks or 2. a random hidden location every week sort of like the backpack.
  5. Quests That Give Cosmetics
    This one is self explanatory. There should be quests that instead of giving qp they give a cosmetic item such as an avatar, hub title, or gamemode item. My thought on this is to make them only for holiday or special events, or just make them rare.

Finally, if I could choose one thing from this list that would be added no matter it’d be 4. The idea of a weekend vendor with a hard quest and option of costume sounds great.

  1. I agree. The Hive should really add quest categories. This is my list (in order):
  • WARS
  • HIDE
  • DeathRun
  • SG (solo/duos)
  • Global
  • All
  1. Yes.

  2. The quest limit (for normal and Hive+) is honestly pretty ok for me, but I think the limit for normal players should be 5 instead of 4.

  3. I don’t think this would likely be added, because of the reason you putted in your topic plus I think this wouldn’t be necessary at all.

  4. Cosmetics for quests sounds perfect! We gonna get some cool hub titles, avatars and costumes… I really hope this will be added!!!


I could never ask for a suggestion so perfect! Maybe the normal quests could reset every week?


Thanks for the criticism and agreements. I’ll still have to stand by my point 3 and 4 though.

As for 3, it’s not the limit I hate, it’s the fact that as it currently stands, you can complete (with H+) six 10 drops and two 20s and you’re locked out for the day. It’s not really a problem when the don’t do daily quest resets but it seems pretty unfair to assume that I’ll go, for example, kill 3 players 1 round in SG duos when my SG partner is offline for the day. That’s why I think a value limit should be in place over a amount of quests limit. If you optimize, you can get a max of 160qp a day with H+ and 100qp without, so if they made it to where you can get no more than that amount in one day I think more people would enjoy doing quests.

As for 4, yeah it’s 100% not necessary, but nonetheless still cool. You’ll have to elaborate on the “because the reason you put part,” because I don’t see why that’d be bad to them. You can already get a skin of your choice for 1500qp by gifting it to yourself, so I don’t see any problem with them either adding a lootbox that’s non-monetized or them choosing one for you to buy for 1000qp. Plus the 100qp quest would give a much needed challenge.

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With the value limit there would be very little point in doing the 30 point quests, everything else seems fine though

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I see your point but I could say the same for the remaining four 10 drops. Like why even have them if you can’t complete them all anyways. Though I could see how that’s fair. “If you wanna do easier quests you get less daily qp.” But from my standpoint, I already see a lot of people saying they can’t get the monthly skin while I usually get it in 6 days and you can get it in 10 without H+, so there’s definitely a gap between the community. My goal with the suggestion was to make it slightly easier for that half of the community without making it too easy.