Quest Master Pet

I recently made a Suggestion about The Hive adding a Mailbot Pet. If you want to check that out, it is here: Mailbot Pet/Plushie

Anyway, here is my idea: A Quest Master Pet!
You would be able to obtain this pet by doing 1000 Quests (or something like that). They obviously would need to be difficult to obtain, as pets are better when they are rare. This would also make people grind more quests. The Pet would look exactly like the Quest Master but way smaller. Maybe, when you click on the pet, it would open up the quests.

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I think a mini quest master would be a little weird, but definitely a pet for doing quests.


Like Fatal Error said, a small bearded man following you around might be disturbing…. But maybe some kind of animal related to the quest master, like an eagle might go great!

Edit: Now that I think of it, the quest master has some kind of Wandering Trader vibe, maybe it could be a llama?

Yea, like the /Quest command when you’re in the hub, you could access it from anywhere


Ahhh, I was going to make this until I thought the exact thing as FatalError. Sorry.


I liked the idea, and I thought I’d make a concept, and I’ve already made it

This is really hard.
I suggest buy it with quest points Maybe to buy it, you should have 10,000 quest points or 5,000 Just a suggestion :>
you got my vote


Woah! That looks so cool! I already have over 5000QP so far, which is why I was thinking more. I don’t think you should be able to buy it for QPs though. Maybe 500 Quests?

Maybe quest master should have a pet dog or a wolf? Thats what you earn!