Quest Bug: Collect 30 emeralds from summoners in Teasure Wars

Affected Service:
The quest: Collect 30 emeralds from summoners in Teasure Wars

What is the bug?
The quest is not counting.


Hey there,

When did you attempt to complete this quest? The quest is actually one of yesterday’s, did your quest list not reset?

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It’s just that in some games you play no quests count and it feels like a scam because it can be hard but you’ve done it for “nothing”, I don’t know why it happens but it definitely shouldn’t.

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I tried to complete the quest today, but I am not entirely sure if I picked that quest today or yesterday.

Here are my quest I can currently choose from.
(3.6.2020 Europe, Germany, Berlin)

I picked the quest up earlier today and it didn’t work for me either. I tried cancelling and re-selecting it as well as playing different modes of TW but it just wasn’t counting anything. As far as I’m aware, my quest list did reset today.

Update: I still have this quest today (it’s after midnight so the quests have reset) and it still doesn’t work. “Collect 256 Gold” also doesn’t seem to be working.


my quest didnt reset, cause I tried to complete the same quest… didn’t work

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We’ve found the issue and it will be looked into :+1:

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This issue has now been fixed.