Quality of Life Changes

Currently, Treasure Wars is the most played game on the HiveMC Bedrock Edition Server. Although the game is great, and very likely the best adaptation of “Bed Wars” on the Bedrock Edition, there are quite a few annoyances that can make this game an unnecessary pain, with some listed below:

  • Bows - Although bows are extremely useful in a game like Treasure Wars, the implementation of bows in TW is not exactly ideal. The price of bows are extremely cheap, with 1 diamond being easily obtainable, and 10 gold being obtained in about 28 seconds with a level 1 generator. Bow spamming is another problem, with players being able to spam arrows, making the bow too overpowered against low level players, while also being an inconvenience to more experienced players. An increase in price of bows, and a slight delay in shooting of bows would be a great improvement.

  • Armor - Armor is essential to many PVP based games. The problem with armor in TW is that armor gives too much of an advantage, particularly diamond armor. Upon purchasing diamond armor, you are nearly unstoppable, aside from knockback, bows, constant attack, or outright stupidity, all of which can easily be avoided, making diamond armor extremely overpowered. With diamond armor, you can survive constant attack by armed chain armors with stone swords for several minutes (this is possible, done on squads). The implementation of armor in Bed Wars on a “certain Java Edition server” would be a massive improvement from the current implementation, with all players starting with leather armor, and armor upgrades only giving upgraded permanent helmets/chestplates. Armor would still be useful, while not too overpowered, as it currently is.

  • Generators - Currently, generators can not be shared. This can be an extreme annoyance, especially at the start of the game. On a team based game, resources should not be hogged by one person, particularly the one resource that allows you to do anything in the game. Although you can ask if you can get some gold (unless you’re muted…), some users will continue to hog the gold anyways, sometimes for extreme amounts of time. Take for example, a situation that happened earlier today. I had just got on, and joined a game of TW Duos. I got on the gen, to get 10 gold, to rush our neighbor. However, my random teammate had decided to get on the generator after I had. All I had was 1 single gold ingot, before all the gold was given to the random. I had asked this random to let me get a little gold (nicely of course). However, this random stood on the generator for quite a bit, and ended up AFK. This resulted in a lost, simply because I could not get any gold, resulting in us getting attacked by 3 different teams at different times, with 1 team succeeding. Generators being shareable would prevent this situation for others, as well as the simple inconvenience of having to wait.

  • Hiding - Hiding in general in this game is not bad. Some players, however, end up hiding in the air, under the islands (yes, under the islands…), and other areas for huge amounts of time, making the game unnecessarily long. An AFK timer, and a build height limit would stop lots of unnecessary hide and seek in TW, along with a player tracker.


Yes I am too strong at the bow


I do agree with the points you made MCPEPIG. I try to get diamond armor as soon as possible because of that very reason, it insures victory, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a debuff in it or it getting removed all together. Another thing is the bows, I honestly don’t use one because I think it takes too much time and is a waste of diamonds but players have spammed bows at me before, was actually the way I’ve lost a few times. A debuff to the bow would be a great idea in my opinion


Yeah these points MCPEPIG mentioned are all worth taking into consideration :joy:


Totally agreed, maybe just make arrows do less damage? Also, the height limit is way to high. Making a skybase also almost ensures victory, if you do it correctly.


Feedback like this is great =) We’ll be sure to keep it in mind as we plan future Treasure Wars updates


i agree about the gold generator its not fair for the other players.