QOTD: Themes Your Really Good At?

Inspired by @Lemon7020 (What’s ur level question)

Personally, my “Skyblock” theme has won me 2 games (I only have like 3 wins total lol). What about y’all?

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Dragon and dinosaur are pretty much free wins for me

I suck

So like none


I’m really good at cheese

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Spring, Autumn, Oasis, and Winter are the once that I’m good at.

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I’m good at rocket :rocket:
I haven’t really played enough to try every build…
I’m planning on playing more
I think house would be ez win tho

I just love anything landscape, and I’m half decent at animals


I can make a pretty good sunflower :sunflower:

Video Games.

Last time it came around I did a pixel art Charmander from pokemon.

spring, autumn, winter, halloween, flower, insect, robot + a few others

in general the vague really big themes, not so good at every day objects and whatever

Pretty good at :

  • House
  • Winter
  • Halloween
  • Enchantment Table
  • Nether
  • The End
  • Rocket

Other themes are too difficult or I haven’t tried the new themes yet

shipwreck treehouse and similar themes

I like the balloon theme. I made a pretty cool build earlier with @SimplyJohnB and a few others. I’ll put a screenshot if I remember in the morning.


I really good at falling into the void :dab: :eyeglasses:

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I like temple or pyramid

I think the theme I’m proly best at is space


Welcome to the Fourms!!! Enjoy your stay here! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us, we would be happy to help you!


thanks man :slight_smile: I don’t have any questions so far

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From what I can remember, I’ve won at Parrot, Butterfly (with the weirdest build in that game because i was playing with a friend I’m not saying their age doe), and BBQ with the most giant barbecue ever with the most giant meat steak you’ll ever see.

For Parrot, everyone else’s builds were literally garbage, I mean literally. They were legit just blobs of blocks (or literally just built something that literally had nothing to do with the theme at all whatsoever) instead of birds. So I had legit gotten an epic free 1st place.

I’ve also gotten second place on Earth once.


Anything, Planet, or Forrest (I think that’s what it called)