QOTD: Any Specific Minigames You Wanna See In Mixed Arcade?

DISCLAIMER: This is not a suggestion post so don’t make it one :wink:

Block party looks fun and a parkour mini game would be cool (I don’t know much about mixed arcade in general)

Tomorrow’s QOTD game is:

  • SG
  • MM
  • HNS
  • DR

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I hope they add splegg


Really want tnt run or block party


I want something like cubecrafts minerware


spleef or sumo


I also want something like Cubecraft Minerware, with different games though.

Mine ware. The CubeCraft one is fun, so the hives one will be even better :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wasnt rhis excited for mixed arcade untill I saw this, idk, just never thought about it.

But I would love parlour, splegg and sumo

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I would love having a parkour minigame (like parkour warrior from MCC) or any kind of racing minigame

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hint hint

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We need to add strider races
Go vote on my suggestion if you want this added

I believe they plan to add block party in the mixed arcade :0


Block party, slaparoo, minerware and the lab are some of my favorite mini games.