QNA thing whatever

Wow are these popular again? These haven’t been done since June of last year. Anyway, ask your questions and i’ll answer them. I don’t mind if their personal, but keep it appropriate please

also don’t ask stupid questions like “do you like flies” or “what’s your favorite sun”. I’ll probably just ignore the questions like that so don’t waste your time.

and don’t ask me who’s your favorite forumer. that’s dumb

Who’s your favourite forumer?
Is this true?

I didn’t have anything else to ask

Does this mean you are returning to the forums?

this is very true

Not in the slightest, I’m just bored at the moment, so i decided to check the forums and the hive updates

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Do you remember your first time playing the Hive? What game did you play

Ok everyone has their QNA now

Who is your favorite artist/band?

The first game I played was skywars. And the FIRST person to ever kill me in any game (didnt take long) was Strqtus. my first game, i had queued with a all time leaderboarder


I have alot, but my favorite are…

Good Kid
MC virgins
khai dreams