QNA bc why not

I’m too lazy to type out rules rn so here are the rules

Should Minecraft add strawberries to the game?

ok im actually curious.

do you like flies?

:fly: not :fries:

I think it would be a cool addition to the game

I’m not really a fan of them but I don’t have anything against them

Do you think removing the flies and the birch forest update from 1.19 was a silly thing to do?

So when are we doing irl meetup

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I can understand the birch forest but I can’t understand why they won’t addi two pixels that fly and aren’t eating by frogs

When a Hive x Nintendo event happens, Mrbeast gives one million dollars to me, and we get contact with other life in space. If all of those things happen in the same month then we will do an irl meetup.

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Have you ever visited any counties other than your home/resident country?

thoughts on men?


They’ve done stuff for the world so I’d wouldn’t want to get rid of them (mostly bc I’d rather not die)
and if you’re talking about relationships it kind of depends