/q nicknames

It would be nice if we could assign nicknames to different games for /q. For example, I could nickname “/q party” to “/q bp”. I would love for this to be added since I always try to type /q bp only for it to not be a valid command.
Also ty to @AnAbsurdName for telling me to make this a suggestion.

This is another good point. :smile:

this would make it much easier for mobile players who cant use a copypaste (without a client or an addon or a texture pack or whatever). It would allow me to type /q m instead of having to type /q murder to queue for murder mystery, for example, and that would imo be a boon to mobile players everywhere.

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Hmm, i feel like this would get abused by a lot of players to inappropriate names, perhaps instead, having shortened down, premade ones instead?


That could also work, just having shortened ones.

I do agree that it could be premade but I don’t see why anyone would make an inappropriate tag for a game…

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it’s an interesting idea not gonna lie but I don’t think we need a whole system for this I think they should make different versions for example

/q party and /q bp, /q murder and /q mm

Having alternative versions would fix the whole problem