Pvp skill issue

hello! im still having a trouble to pvp, people called me trash and noob :frowning: pls help i wanna learn pvp please give me some tips, please don’t just say “practice” “get good” and “just play” becuz those are really not pvp tips and saying “get good” is annoying for me! help im sad my pvp is bad :frowning:

Try this:


doesn’t work i already watched that vid like 17 times or 19

what is the device

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Then practice pvp and see what mistakes ur doing maybe ur aim isn’t good, ur not w tapping properly, ur too predictable, etc btw which device are u playing on

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just do simple things like strafing around your opponent
when i started strafing i started actually winning games

pc, it’s harder cuz my opponent are pc too and pc players are advance,im a beginner

strafe around them
click s and w as u walk around them
while smacking them it makes it harder for them to hit you

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Hi, I know exactly how you feel. I am not a good fighter myself, even though I try and practice a lot. This is just my opinion, what might be a cause. I cannot judge distance well. Sometimes I think I am to close and even though my sword hits the opponent, it seems like it is not really doing a lot of damage. I do understand it gets to be frustrating. Don’t give up, be patient.
Nobody should be calling you names, especially trash. I’ve seen it a lot where people are being called coward, you suck, you’re level 29 lmao, not cool. It hurts. Maybe we can play together sometime. Good luck.

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What device do you play on
Mobile: Turn on split controls and try using that

Windows 10: Try new clicking methods and do custom servers with friends and practice lots maybe try a new mouse. If that does not work try a new clicking method on the mouse, jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, ect.

Controller: maybe get a controller with more programable buttons on it to make switching thriugh your inventory and other stuff you could need

I think you could get more help by being specific about what you don’t do well at pvp, saying you aren’t very good doesn’t help anybody, since that is vague and subjective. Is your aim bad, are you really bad in 1 on 1 raw fights, do you not click fast? if you don’t give these it’s hard to help you

My best pvp advice would be to always take the low ground whenever possible, and use whatever clicking method allows you to get the most CONSISTENT cps, which may not be what gives you the highest cps. For example, I can generally butterfly click a higher cps than I can jitter click, but I can’t consistently do butterfly clicking as well since my fingers are very weak, so I just jitter click. \

Also I wouldn’t use pvp methods if you don’t understand them, I don’t play hive much anymore, and don’t know how exactly to jump reset, so I don’t do it. I didn’t w-tap for a long time until I understood how to do it as well.

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Im god at pvp but the only problem is jump Resetters are annoying and they keep getting demolish me idk why.

Bc they take less kb then u
If u wanna know how to jump reduce then here:

Watch @PiglinMafia 's vid about it

this is why bro jump at the third hit doesn’t do anything, im planning to switch on java edition

It doesn’t have to be the third hit just jump in the perfect timing and don’t jump at the first hit btw jump reducing to master it just practice dueling friends in cs’s while jump reducing bc pvp takes alot of practice to master

third hitting only work when you straight line against someone with similar kb

learn their strafe patterns and hit patterns (your opponent’s) before actually trying to jump reset against them
honestly, you don’t even need to jump reset to beat someone (even if they are jump resetting)

just try to hit select. it’s simple and since you’re switching to Java, it’ll be incredible helpful

just hit them slightly after they hit you, so you don’t get first hit but you do get last, causing them to fly up and get comboed.

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Actually i have seen that vid and dosent work for me so what i learnt while playing is when you’re fighting someone after you trade hits the first time dont jump but on the second time you either spam space bar or hold it when you reach the floor this is my method so i dont know if this is the right way but it works for me

Ayo jumping when i hit the ground working tho like when the enemy hits me when i hit the ground i hold soacebar AND BOOM wombo combo (works really good on servers such as hive,ectary,zeqa)