Put your random HIVE POLLS here

Should I do more of these

  • Yes
  • No

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Which is better?
  • Lama costume
  • Ice Queen costume

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Textures for my texture pack


Ender Pearl


  • Love
  • Great
  • Good
  • Okay
  • Meh

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Would have been love but the snowball isn’t that great
Other textures are awesome


I forgot the bow texture, which I made ages ago


I might change the colour

Hive Survey - Do you often wear a Costume or your Skin in the server?

  • Costume :jack_o_lantern::snowman:
  • Skin :tshirt:

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What is your favorite newsletter item so far?
  • Newsletter Costume
  • Next Stop: Arcade

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In all cases, I would choose the Cubee cosplaying mailbot!

Cubee family

Most useless Item on the Hive

  • Fire Charge
  • Fall Boots
  • Fire Trail spell

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honestly I’ve used the fire charge to my advantage a lot but i haven’t even bought or had the need for fall boots in my life

Hey everyone! I was wondering if I should grind Hide and Seek tomorrow. Averagely, I get 4 levels per day in Hide and Seek.
I’m currently level 42.

  • Should I grind hide and seek?
  • Should I not?

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which is worsw

  • Void walker
  • Panic
  • Both

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The Baller kit

In my opionion it is worth it. Also grind it on mobile because that is an easy way to get the most xp. On mobile it easier to scroll to the llama ballon which makes it so you can get 119 from emotes + surviving xp rather than the 108 xp. (I think I am right from the xp numbers)

Thanks for the tip!

I can’t think of one use where fall boots would really be extremely useful

Maybe if ur sky bombing a treasure, but just pearl down

I think its mainly for custom server sumos and such.


the whole point of fall boots was to not take fall damage, and pearling deals damage

How much do you see me on the Hive

  • a lot
  • some
  • once
  • not at all

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