Problem with The Bridge and a suggestion to fix it

Can there be a platform-bases queueing system in The Bridge? The bridge is extremely unfair for mobile players. PC players are able to jumpbridge or MJ bridge and stuff while mobile players can’t, so they are able to make a new bridge and still run as fast as they can and they can. They can also make the bridge higher while bridging so even if mobiles do the same thing, they will likely win the race. Another thing is that PC players can throw a snowball mid-trade. This results to mobile players losing the trade because they can’t do the same. If possible can The Hive please add a platform-based queueing system? Other servers like zeqa has an option to do so.

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Their skilled based making making will use what device you play on to help find the best match up for you. If it takes a long time doing so it will reach a little out of your skill range to make queues not as long.
Also duos completely uses platform based matchmaking and no skill based.

I always get queued with PC players bcuz I am basically same skill as them but they have the platform advantage.

Well if you are the same skill it shouldn’t be an issue? Plus their SBMM is still new and probably will receive updates in the future

If you didn’t know
Curves the first mobile player to get prestige 5 in tw
So theyre saying that it isn’t an issue for them but it is for other mediocre mobile players

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Ye i guess but I mostly lose 2-3 to the PC players bcuz I only resort to bypassing so It’s still an issue for me. Anyways hope there skill-based matchmaking gets future updates.

Alright so the problem is that the PBMM part of SBMM gets turned off because there is too little of players on mobile on The Bridge, less than 300 players it gets turned off for each platform. Another issue that might be the problem is device input, it plays no role in any of the match making. So having a bluetooth keyboard and mouse on mobile could be what you’re seeing and not pc players. Maybe add that to your suggestion because you didn’t really give any way to fix the issue. “Make device input be a part of PBMM.”