Probably Going Inactive(ish)

I’ll get right to the point; I’m going inactive. Well, there isn’t really a great word to describe exactly what I mean, but what I’m trying to say is that I will probably only be logging on to the forums about 2-3 times a week.

The main reason for this decision is that the Hive is locking all the non-Hive related threads, which is completely and totally their choice, but that’s the main reason I log on to the forums, those threads. It just doesn’t make sense for me to log on to a website on won’t use much all the time. Although I think this change was probably needed (for reasons I won’t explain), it just feels like the main draw of the forums has just been eliminated.

Another reason I’m doing this is because of my recent temp-ban. I won’t discuss it publicly, but if you want to know more, feel free to DM me. I’ll discuss it with anyone who wants to. I’m also finding that I don’t have enough time to be on the forums, which has one main solution, that being reducing my time on the forums.

I’m not sure if people have forgotten about this, but there have also been some recent bans that (at least appear to me) to be unjustified and completely incorrect. I’m sorry if I don’t have information that others do.

Just to be clear, I will still log on multiple times a week, and my activity on the Hive server probably won’t be effected too much. I won Last One to Post Wins, which is definitely something I didn’t see happening (yes, I wasn’t technically the last one to post, but I was the last individual player to post). Thank you to everyone who has been way too kind to me, and I hope anyone reading this continues to use and enjoy the Hive and its forums. Don’t forget that not even the tides of the ocean go unrivaled…

:boombox:November 25th, 2021 :boombox:

Edit: This post was locked immediately, I’m not sure why… read my bio for anything that wasn’t covered here


I’m sad to see you go mahi

You were a great person and I was so happy when you got regular since you deserved it.

Once again, sad to see you go but good luck in life

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Bye mahi-mahi, yes i’m still going to eat fish for lunch tho

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Goodbye…sad to see you go!


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Mahi, you were a really awesome member of our community. I’m glad you won’t be leaving but I’ll still miss you!

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Sad to see you go. Hope to see you around occasionally.

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See you MahiMahi

You were actually one of the chillest people on the fourms. You havn’t ever argued and ever be annoying. We need more people like you


goodbye ;c you were one of my favorite forumers

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Im prolly gonna do the same thing

I’m gonna wait it out for a few days to see what happens

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I might might become less active or leave completely soon

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Im leaving too, but my thread about it was deleted in less than a minute.

(I will be inactive, not leaving)

The forums are being purged though


Same I guess I won’t make new friends anymore

I also needed new friends

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