Private Games/Lobbies

Idea ~ You should add an update where for games like Treasure Wars, Sky Wars and Survival Games; you’re able to create your own private servers with your friends to play with; if they don’t feel like playing in public servers

More Info ~ The private lobbies could be for solo and duo game modes, for 4 people party or 8, doesn’t matter! People like to play with each other in private lobbies, so why not give it a shot? I’d personally find it fun and interesting to battle your friends; even in a 1v1 in games like Treasure Wars!

this feature is coming soon with the addition of swarms where you can make private games


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this feature you will probably have to buy hive plus

@GiantEmperor it’s coming out with swarms

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Basically it costs money to make servers run, so yeah probably, but don’t worry, just get some Hive+ so you can participate in their private game !

Here is some links that can help you learn what to expect :))