Private/exclusive private games for the Hive

You should add private games to the Hive, a place where you can invite certain people I n your party and go in a game and only the people in your part y can join and do whatever while others don’t get in the way, a place where you can just mess around with your friends and do things like 1v1 battles in skywars or treasure wars, or or you could do
Private death run or just build or any game mode where you can just do anything you want with your friends without other people interfering. And maybe you could even make the most be able to do custom things like in hide and seek or just build you could set a custom time limit or in murder mystery you could do like a 8 sheriff vs 8 murderer. or you could even make it for only the people with hive+ so you could make it some exclusive thing and make hive+ more useful then more people would want to buy it because right now hive+ doesn’t have a lot of important things to it.

Hey there! Private games are coming to the Hive soon in the upcoming Swarms/Guilds! You can view them and every other upcoming feature on the public Trello roadmap here.


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