Pride flag in the hive hub

Hive should add pride flag in the hive hub, it’ll support the gay, bi etc.
for example they should add pride flags on top of towers with flag pole around the map, it would be so cool, the flags could be made out of blocks.

do u mean banners? or blocks


correction: gay, bi etc.

it bugs me

Im really sorry for spelling it wrong

Ye it would be a good way to support it

I don’t really agree with the idea since some people might find this disturbing.

How is the pride flag disturbing


I feel like the flags might get in the way and wouldn’t fit in very well

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They mean disturbing as in some people don’t support lgbt
And that could cause some negative comments and etc


Various religions do not support LBGT people. it may cause problems.

In all fairness, Hive does not seem too concerned about that, going off of their discord logo