Preview party information

After receiving a party invitation, you should be able to view that parties information.
Perhaps through a command.

Sometimes when I am in a party, I may receive an invitation to join another party. I would love to be able to see that parties information without having to actually join it. Information available would include:

  • Existing party members
  • Party members of whom are on my friends list
  • What games the party has recently queued (in an attempt to preview what they may want to play)
  • Party owner

I would love to hear what the community thinks of this suggestion, thankyou for reading :beedance:

Would be cool if added as a command or as a separate button or something otherwise it’d flood the chat

Have my vote


Awesome idea ! I would like all the infos you described to figure when you do /p and not in chat because it will be floody :unamused:. Sometimes I want to know how many players are in the party but I can’t…


/party info already exists to show you the owner and the amount of players, however everything else you suggested would be cool!!

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This is to be able to see this info whilst not actually being in the party, but owning an invite.


When I get invited to a party by some guy who isn’t even my friend just to realize they were playing with a mod :( Good idea you got my vote