Preview feedback

First of all great work with this PvP patch update!! iron armor is now worth it, I’m sad because the higher price on bows but I understand it.
However, in future previews PLEASE make them on solo or mega games, most of the times I get matched with no partner and lose because of a rusher team, these problems doesn’t happen/matter on solos or megas.
So far I couldn’t try boom boxes due to how fast duos goes without even touching emeralds.

Also I feel like now there is a huge gap between iron armor and diamond, could be there something like iron + protection I in between?

Diamond armor was nerfed in the preview today :+1:. Bows shouldn’t be cheap since they do more damage than a diamond sword imo. I agree that previews shouldn’t be in duos, but I don’t think mega is a great place to test how items would work in the meta. Solos would be good


Yeah I know the bows thing! I understand, it just that I love using them lol
The thing with mega is that, at least, a game last more than 3-5 minutes, enough to gather resources and test all the new things.
I could only see in the shop most of the updates but couldn’t try it since I usually play alone and don’t have a friend to play duos and not get wrecked by the team next to me in the first 30 seconds of the game

To address your point about bows, I like diamond swords, but I don’t think their price should be lowered because that’s OP. You know?

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Yeah yeah, as I said, I understand, I’m not against it, is the best choice

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bowspammer detected

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Ngl, it saved me a few times from being killed by a full dia and knocked off a good amount of bridgers
I mean it isn’t illegal, is it?
But tbh 5 dias isn’t that much, it just makes it harder to get on the beginning

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