Prevent Ban Evasion by implementing IP banning,

Summary: Block the cheater from accessing the server for the duration of the ban, whether through IP banning or console banning (utilizing MAC address).

More information:
First of all, cheaters suck. We can all agree on that: As you know, The Hive Network has an incredibly robust and efficient report system through its discord server. This allows admins to quickly hanlde cheaters and rules breakers. However, there is a fundamental flaw in this handling system being that The Hive does not implement an access block, but instead Hive ban cheaters by their Xbox gamertags. As such, cheaters can easily register new Xbox gamertags to bypass the ban and get back on the server as if nothing ever happened.
It would only be fair and just if the cheaters were not able to access to server at all; in essence: blocking that device from accessing the server.
I would like to mention a few points worth noting regarding the process of creating an alt to bypass a ban:

  • It is ban evasion:
    1. Staff wont make any progress if cheaters can easily rejoin by making an account.
    2. It doesn’t discourage cheating since cheaters even if banned can basically walk away unpunished.
    3. All the staffs work goes down the drain if ban evading isn’t a punishable offense.
  • Closet cheaters and blatant hackers face no consequences since new alts are so easily accessible.
    1. It’s different when they’re flying around or blatantly toggling, but when someone is closet cheating and you finally get enough proof to ban them they can just join on an alt and they will be assumed to be clean. This makes no sense.
    2. If they have cheats installed nothing stops them from just cheating again, but the fact that anyone can make an alt and be assumed innocent is so perplexing and just defeats the purpose of banning them in the first place.
    3. We are grateful when staff spend hours reviewing evidence of a cheater then they finally ban him but then when the cheater simply rejoins on an alt, all that work meant nothing.
  • A new alt can be obtained in less than 5 minutes.
  • Such easy bypass of a ban ruins the experience for the community who is trying to enjoy the game.

The problem persist: If they’re allowed to evade what good does banning do?

Listen to us: We work hard gathering evidence of such cheaters and providing it to authority in an effort to make the server a more fun place for everyone to enjoy fair gameplay. By allowing cheaters to come back under different accounts to cheat as they please, it not only wastes our time but causes us to feel like our efforts are in vain, as well as ruining our own overall experience on the server and in the community.

Ban evading defeats the purpose of such ban. It not only bring cheaters right back online but also undermine the authority of our hardworking staff as well as the integrity of a rules-abiding server. Therefore, IP or MAC address banning seems to be the viable option, given that it is simultaneously executed with other network address and device identifying method.

There might be argument that such provision of staff’s handling of cheaters might be difficult to implement, however, the fact remains that it will be way better and more efficient for the server in the long run. The Hive Network already has the ability to collect data like IP, username, and MAC address; therefore, such implementation of access-blocking is perfectly viable and within reach.

This is a great idea! Taking steps to prevent ban evasion will greatly improve the gameplay experience for everyone!


I honestly hope this gets implemented. The fact that rule-breakers can just ban evade is horrible.


Good idea. This should’ve been implemented a long time ago. Hopefully they can fix it now.


Very nice suggestion, there’s just one big problem - Hive can not IP ban even if they wanted. It has to do something with Xbox/Microsoft policies


Definitely worth considering. I am 100% sure there are technical difficulties, but think about it. Tired of ban evaders.


Even if this is true, we still need to push towards making ban evading in general against the rules, as it defeats the whole purpose of banning a player in the first place.


There aren’t a ton of hackers on the hive to begin with(except for mobile queues, which I’ve heard have more), so if the Hive was able to get rid of ban evaders, they would be even more scarce


Saying that there aren’t many closet cheaters on the server simply isn’t true. Known players get exposed and banned for cheating every day, but it all amounts to nothing if they are allowed to evade.


What about device ban?


I can agree with you, vote from me :slight_smile:


Great question you got there bud!
However, as far as I am aware, Xbox Live already implement a MAC address banning system. In this thread, I suggested access-blocking–rather than just relying on IP banning–which can either be done through IP banning or MAC address banning (or console banning as you’re already familiar with). Given that MAC address banning is already a native mechanism of Xbox Live, and the suggestion that Minecraft UUID be cross-examinated and executed along with other network address and device indentifying methods (see the second to last paragraph), as well as the fact that Hive server natively has the ability to IP ban, access-blocking to prevent ban evasion is therefore perfectly a feasible option.

Sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about :sweat_smile: I don’t know anything about this kind of banning

Idk if this would work, would be nice if someone from staff who focuses on this would reply to make it clear

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Are you saying the hive can, or can’t IP ban

Thanks for your contribution! I suppose the amount of hackers you perceive in-game has to do with your queue, your lobby, the time you play, among many other factors. It is also thanks to our hardworking, passionate staff and developers, not to mentioned the dedicated members of our community, that made it possible for cheaters to be caught swiftly. However, as I mentioned, the problem persist:

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Let’s say, for example, that you have a 10 year old brother, and one time he decided to start hacking because he’s just young and ignorant, would you be happy to be ip banned forever because of him? Especially if you play on console where you do not have many choices for servers. I believe this could be a big issue, I haven’t met anyone who does it but I know it probably does happen and is kind of unfair.


Ban appeals exist for this reason


you could get IP banned for choosen time, like 10 min or an hour, not perm banned


So what’s the point then? They can come back the next day/hour

THEN they’ll get perm banned, if they keep doing it…