Prestiging in Treasure wars

So what if you can sort of prestige when you get to level 50, and this would set back your level to 1 but you would have unlocked a new treasure wars game-mode.
You’d be set with people in your level of experience, so this could be if it there, but also you’d be able to unlock new items, like maybe you spawn with a wooden sword or you can use obsidian. However, these changes would only go into effect in the specific area, so if you want to play with a 0 prestige you can and you’d be spawning without a wooden sword and you could’ve buy obsidian.
Not sure if this makes sense, if you have any questions then you can ask
(If this suggestion already exists and I missed it I’ll delete this)

I don’t want level based advantages, if you know what I mean, not fully against this but I’d rather want more levels than a prestige thing


you’d only be able to use the newer items in games where everyone also has them

I dont really see the point of this, and the level 50 community isn’t as big as the 49 and below community.