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Hello! I am a The Hive player who has joined 11 Months ago.

  • Well, who am I?

My real name is Alejandro, I live in Paraguay, in South America. I am 17 years old and I love to play Death Run.

  • What do you like to do apart?

Well, I like to Ride a Bike, Read things, cook, Hang out with friends or hang out, listen to music, watch some Movies of any genre, study english, and more.

  • How good are you at Death Run?

Well, I am quite an experienced player playing this model, I am very fast, agile, very hard to be killed and extremely Intelligent when I am running from death trying to get killed and go back. But I always escape alive without dying.

  • What do not you like?

Well, to the deaths that Crouch down to avoid being seen, and it’s something that bothers me, but quite a bit.

Another one that annoys me, but even more than what is above, is when they chase me (If I have a Royal cape) and activate the traps like crazy, it is obvious that chasing a single target is not a good idea, in the end you do not win many points by killing a Single Target. (Each player killed is worth 2 Points)

And something I don’t like is dying more than 3 times in the same place consecutively.

  • What do you like?

Finish in 1st Place.

Cheating death with very Smart plays while I’m running away from them.

Overtake runners at high speed.

When I manage to escape death if it chases me and I arrive in 1st Position, make a little Taunt with this sentence.

Did you really think it would be easy to kill me and not escape alive? I am not a worthy target. "

  • What else can you tell us?

Apart from that, on the server I also like to play Murder Mystery and Hide & Seek, I also play Minecraft in Java (But the Java server I don’t play it) with friends quite often a day.

Also, on the server I am a Friendly Zombie, who always tries not to die too much, but I am quite quiet and very sociable.

  • And that’s all about me, if you want to play some games of Murder, Death Run or hide and seek with me, do not hesitate to tell me!

Send me a MD message at: OnlyAlejandro#6655
Also, i am at the Hive Discord server too, if u see me around, tag me.



Welcome to the forums!

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Welcome, Ale! :)

Me tooo omg!

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Welcome to the Forums!

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Welcome to the Forums! :blobheart:

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Welcome to the Hive forums Ale!

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Welcome to the forums!!!

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Welcome To hive Forums!!!

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Welcome to the Forums! Have a watermelon :watermelon:

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