Predict the next person!

This is a game from the java forums and i wanted to bring it here

So Basically this is how you play!

You have to guess who the next poster is so if i say @BlueSlimeMC and he reply’s next he would say Correct I predict the next person is (Username)

Ill start @BlueSlimeMC



Next person will probably be BlueSlimeMC.

Edit: I only change it in correspondence with my skin in Minecraft. And if you wanna know why I sometimes change that, it’s just so I don’t get burnt out on playing with a certain skin.

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False (Why did you change your pfp)

Next person will probably be @SilentLattice31

that was her original pfp
next person is @DerpyDonut634


next person will be @Noahjcraftrdke

Not really, but did you accidentally reply to my message instead?

Next person will be BlueSlimeMC.


Next Person will be @SilentLattice31?

Nope the next person will be
A minion lover💛


The next person will be @DabbingUnikern

nah I predict the next person is Blueslime mc

next person isn’t @BlueSlimeMC


next person is @SilentLattice31

i dont think so :wink:

next person isn’t @sprinkledcheese

false haha

next person is not @GottenDesert0


next person is @iProtaqonist

True :smile:

next person is @BlueSlimeMC


Next person is @sophie

Yes correct

Next person is @iProtaqonist

False i predict the next person is @sophie

What ok correct

I predict the next person is @DerpyDonut634