Practice Mode to improve your skills

SG is pretty much kitpvp, but it can get pretty annoying and difficult, so I suggest adding a practice mode and also add a difficulty level of a CPU player whom you are going to battle and also a CPU teammate if ever you want to practice duos.

SG is nothing like kitpvp :roll_eyes:, also a lot of people will no longer play the main game if there was a practice one so idk about that


It’s a good idea, but I got to agree with @BlueSlimeMC it would stop people playing the main game. Maybe a shorter version of SG could work though?


Yeah just shorten it or limit uses to around 2 or 3 per day if you want to warm up for SG


I kinda feels like but I’m a little off, so maybe limited uses of practice mode per day like using it as a warmup game.

Adding a Blitz mode to SG could be an alternative. In fact I’m going to make a separate post on that.


I actually think it would be cool if there was a 100 player battle royale, because it would be more rewarding to win. Of course, as far as I know, the servers will never be able to handle that amount of players. Instead of doing blitz, they should just have a deathmatch gamemode


It’s a nice idea @AdeptConqueror and would be fun, but the server just isn’t big enough, it would take too long to find a game.