Post your weather!


9:30 PM :sob:
I bath 4 times a day to survive!

I don’t know what your all complaining about this is normal for me…

Its in fahrenheit i guess…

Its celsius- wait what

currently it is 32 degrees Celsius for me

Screenshot (35)

Its currently sunny with slight breezes.


73 F cloudy

It is in °C btw

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Screenshot 2021-11-29 7.48.44 AM

Currently 2’ Celsius.

im in NC and its supposed to snow on sunday, hope it does, only snows every like 2 years where im at

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Bump cause this is a decent topic
My weather is Cold
Not even rainy or windy
Just cold


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Damn Jasreet 47!!!
holy cow


Screenshot 2022-05-14 at 13.45.24

Perfect weather to play tennis

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