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Why are sand and red sand affected by gravity but sole sand is not?

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Why must I have these torturing braces on

If humans have brains, then brains are basically the only organ that named itself.


When you clean a vacuum cleaner, you become the vacuum cleaner.

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If Bowser really likes Peach, then he must provide her with some quality food. So why is she so happy to leave?


if you live for 70 years you have spent 10 years on monday


mistook is basically a kinder version of mistake

why do ppl say jitter clicking is bad for u?

Why am I starting to like Java edition pvp
Time to come back to bedrock

There is a Chinese drama tv show by the name of 小别离 (“A Love for Separation” in English) it tells the story of three families each with different financial conditions and three children who are best friends each from those families. They are in eighth grade but in China you have to take really big tests for high school so it’s a very very important year for them - and that’s not just at the end of it, you start studying for that test every single breath you take since when you pass the one at the end of elementary school. They each talk about possibly going to the US for better education (a thing a lot of Chinese families do as a solution so that their children may be spared from the harsh selection method China uses), along with all the problems that may bring on the way. It is a really good show and I would recommend you all to watch it, but I think a lot of you don’t understand Chinese :broken_heart:

why does model o drag click?

Because it is textured enough.
Any mouse textured can do that, mine can.
The more textured (not painted smh) the button, the better the drag

I’m just wondering how my logitech G PRO, can long drag 12 cps with ELECTRICAL TAPE


why is dream good at mc?

The word ambiguous only has one meaning.

If you weigh 99 pounds and eat 1 pound of cheese, you are 1% cheese.


what is the universe?

An endless void of nothingness