Podiums on Just Build

The game randomly chooses who wins if more than two teams/people have the same number of points which is unfair. In this situation I believe that everyone with the same number of points should have the same placing, so everyone has an equal chance of winning.

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Dont forget to vote for your own suggestion!

agreed cuz it would be more fair and im gonna get more xp from having the same place on the podium :slight_smile:

I believe if 2 players have the same number of points, the winner between them is chosen alphabetically, eg, somebody with a gamertag starting from “A” will be given priority before me, this is really unfair for people who have usernames starting with letters from the last few alphabets.

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everyone be adding A to the start of their IGN lol

To be honest I really wanted to boost this just because this has been bugging me lately. I’m doing the quest where you need to get top 3 x3 times. I’ve had this happen where I tie for third yet don’t get the quest update because I was apparently not 3rd.