Plz Make me a hive style skin

make me a skin like this with hive style tht would be appreciated plz :frowning:

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@embjays here is your turn C:


I’m not a good skin maker, but a forumer named Emberz1 is making skins to people in this topic! They do pretty good job

If you’re looking for something more professional, check out Skin Commissions! Of course, this cost money or hive costumes, but if you want the best of the best, DM Fracasadoh or read the topic for more information


Em isn’t making skins currently but you can pay for skins here


Yeah, I’m also taking a small break from making skins, will be back soon though!


I’ll see what I can do with this, I don’t take comms but I just make skins when I feel like it so. I’ll give it a try.

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Ty Bro I need a hive style skin for my yt channel so this is the actual logo of my channel and i want the skin like this
I did a try to random skin and it looked like this lol

Ok but ty for trying

I finished the skin! The skin is thin armed, I didn’t know what colour you wanted the pants to be so I just picked grey, hope you enjoy!


Ty Bro I wanted the pants in any colour ty again ty :slight_smile:

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Yo this is lookin gooood! So can u help me answer this question?

  • How u shade the skin? (like using any tips or tricks)
  • How many color u use per part? (like on the pants, the jacket, the skin, ect…)
  • Do u have a base (a black and white gradient skin that something look like in the picture I give u) for shading? (If u have it then I will be really really appriciate it!)

Thank you!

Image source: (a skin maker! check him out!)

First of all, thank you. I wasn’t that good at making skins, I only began this year, I learnt from looking at other hive style skin and being inspired by them. For your first question, I’m not sure how to explain, this links with the second question, for me, I use three shades for each colour, the brightest colour is the one the is used most. The other two are used to add texture to the skin. The shading is mostly cubed and pretty simple. I’m terrible at explaining and I’m not an expert at hive style so I suggest you look at other hive style skins to get a idea of what I mean. I don’t use a base, hope this helps!

Thank a lot for your help! Most of all, your advice about color pallete is something gonna save my time a lot in the future. Again, thank you! (Also, do you take free commission (through DM I mean). If yes, I might pass by at “your store” sometime)

You are free to DM for a free commission although note that I’m pretty busy most of the time so, it might take a while.


DM him bruh, u not even tag him or reply

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I made the recolors for my skin Do they Look nice

Feel Free to rate them

original one looked like this

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It looks good

What do u use to make skins what apps?

PMCSkin3D is, in my opinion, the best website for creating skins

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